North Dakota COGIC Department Of Women

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Monthly 3rd & 4th Saturday Meetings

3rd Saturday Monthly:                                              Young Women Christian Council Video Conference Fellowship @ 9:00am


3rd Saturday Monthly:                                                Elders & Ministers Wives Phone Conference Fellowship @ 10:00am

4th Saturday Monthly:                                                Aspiring Missionary Phone Conference Training @ 10:00am-12:00pm

Quarterly Meetings 2nd Saturdays

Christian Women Council Phone Conference Fellowship @ 9:00am

Mothers Board Phone Conference Fellowship @ 10:00am

Superintendents Wives Phone Conference Fellowship @ 11:00am

Missionary Circle Unit Phone Conference Meeting @ 12:00am


Jurisdictional Department Of Women Cabinet Meeting

Hospitality Committee Phone Conference Meeting

Usher Board Phone Conference Meeting

Quarterly Scheduled Meeting

District Missionary Unit Phone Conference Meeting