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Sincerely Yours: Dear God Letters

Dear God,

I know you are busy and have a lot on your mind. And I know you are busy running the universe and your kingdom and all that. But I was just wondering if you would take a few moments for me and read my letter. You know, it is not too popular now a day to write letters. Today letter writing is obsolete, and you can barely get people to purchase a stamp for a letter. But I figured you would understand and read my letter because you wrote sixty-six books to us called the Bible. You told us how you felt and shared with us your commandments. Your letters were designed to help us govern ourselves according to your standards, right? And they are so that we may live peaceful lives with each other and stay in right standing with you. Is that correct? So... it is okay to express myself to you in letters, right? Well... I was just sitting around and observing my surroundings. And I noticed that people don't seem to care anymore about each other or care anymore about you. Now, I am not the best person on the planet, but I am concerned about humanity as a whole. It is my thought that we are all inter- connected; therefore, what one does effects what the other does.

What is really puzzling me is that you created us as one race of people, that is the human race. I mean... what happened to the human race? We all have the same organs and blood types and are the same underneath our different skin colors types. We are all made from the same genotypes, not as animals or plant life.

And by the way, thank you for creating so many different variations of shades of skin colors, though we are all the same underneath. You know, the world would be a boring world if everyone were a green shade. Not that I don't like green because it is one of my favorite colors. But what I am saying is, "I am glad you are God and not us." You revealed who you are and your nature when you created humans by creating different ethnic groups, nationalities, and by using many different shades of colors. You are a God of innumerable possibilities. I concluded that you like and think well of diversity. Thank you for your creative nature and the way you diversified people who live in the earth. However, unlike you, we are limited in our thinking and accepting of others. Not to mention how... Well never mind... God. I got off track, which will be for another letter.

As I was saying, I am very concerned about what is going on with us as human beings. We have convinced ourselves that we no longer need you. So, we have created a false reality to live within and pat ourselves on one another’s backs that we are doing good. What gives...? Since we have obtained knowledge to help create things and invent all kinds of technology, we no longer have time for you.

We have our smart phone, and smart watches, and smart televisions, and smart homes, and smart cars to tell us we are our own masters. But we don't know how to communicate with one another when sitting at a dinner table or standing in line or waiting in an office without focusing our eyes to our devices to shut each other out of our world. Our devises hypnotized us; at least that's what it looks like to me. And because it is all about me mindset, I can't help but to think about what the last words in the Book of Judges says, "Every man did what was right in their own eyes because there was no king in those days." We have become our own kings and listens to no one. We are on our own paths and do what we think. After all, we are our own kings. God, I believe history has repeated itself in our modern time. We have changed the landscape of our town and cities that it doesn't look like the landscapes we once knew, but we are the same as those in the Book of Judges were. We are without God as king in our hearts.

I read somewhere in history that at one time we used to seek you. We use to pray to you and our greatest treasure was the Bible. Families would gather around the kitchen tables to read it and pray together. We would, as a people, travel miles to attend our local church to hear the preached Word of God. Our whole lives revolved around our churches. God, somewhere in time, as we saw ourselves as independent beings, we took our eyes off you and more onto ourselves. We said we no longer needed you or your laws to govern our hearts, which keep order in our lands. We said in our hearts we can save ourselves, and we are our own masters. So, we are worshiping our accomplishments and ourselves. We now have armies, governments, and money. We entertain ourselves with our inventions and pleasures.

God, there are some of us who still love you and serve you. We are doing the best we can to care for one another regardless of race, skin color, nationality, education, or social economic status. We are binding up the wounds of the hurting and wounded. And God, even though we don't go to church every Sunday, we still read and get delight from your Word daily. We have learned to humble ourselves through fasting and praying. God, we do our best to fellowship with one another and pray together to encourage each other. We sing together and are reminded that we are your ambassadors wherever we go. We share our faith and tell of your goodness to all who will listen. We huddle in small buildings, our homes, and in secluded places to pray. God, we get discouraged sometimes. And the way gets difficult, but we are convinced, you are the way to eternal life.

Well, you get the picture God. You know God... we are in some serious trouble! Lord God, even the earth itself is crying out against us. It violently trembles against us. Heaven is our witness against us for all we have done against each other and against you. We can destroy the whole earth with our nuclear weapons. We are at war with each other in our nation. We are biting and devouring one another. We are picking fights with people half- way across the world and stirring up all kinds of trouble with other nations, even those who were once our friends. We divide ourselves because of our skin colors. We are proud. We are greedy. We are liars and deceiving each other. We hate without cause. We have no compassion for the poor or widows. We steal when we want. We kill when we want. We lie on each other and for each other. We destroy our children. Mankind has redesigned just about everything you have given us to fit our own pleasures and desires. We believe we are invincible. But we are hopeless without you.

God, we don't know how to fix us. We desperately need your help again. I know it is no secret to you, but we can't fix ourselves. We are broken. We are destroying ourselves. The things you fixed for us in times past, we have torn it all down. I know you see our hearts and the sickness of sin that is within us. When we removed the boundaries of your laws from among us, evil came in and overtook us. We don't know how to get evil back into the box and out of our lands.

God, we have really messed ourselves up. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Our minds are blackened, and our hearts are seared. Remember us, Lord. Remember us again and have mercy on the human race. Our pride is too far-gone. Our flesh controls our thinking and actions; we don't know how to humble ourselves. And even if we did, our pride wouldn't allow us to do so. Our pride reign and ruler over us permanently, we need your help. Our flesh seeks to live and not die; we need your help again. Help us Lord because we don't know how to help ourselves. However, if you deliver us, we shall be saved. Remember your tender mercies and save us again from ourselves. Heal our hearts and heal our lands. Thank you for reading my letter and caring God. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours

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